Chewy Gooey Choc Brownie

320 Calories – 475mL Tub

Nothing brings you more joy than the majestic combination of a chewy chocolate brownie, and then add some more chocolate. Your life motto is, too much of one thing is never enough. And we couldn’t agree more! If you could bathe in chocolate, you would. Chewy chunks of chocolate brownie, swirled through a light and mouth-watering chocolatey base is your idea of heaven, and we salute you…all the way to the golden gates of Tilly heaven.


Silky Salt Caramel

275 Calories – 475mL tub

Some may call you fancy, others call you genius, but here at Tilly’s we like your style. No need to blend in with the crowd, you’re projecting a stand-alone vibe and you’re proud of it. People might be intimidated by you, but deep down you’re shy and the people’s unsung hero. Salted caramel elegantly gliding through a tantalising caramel sea that combines with a salty bae to result in a taste extravaganza – this is your idea of a good time, and we’re riding this wave with you.


Cool Beans Vanilla ‘n Fudge

320 Calories – 475mL

If vanilla is your thing, you’re a genius who appreciates the value that is held in a true classic. And your minimalistic vibe is soooo on trend right now, and we’re totally digging it. There is peace and security in trusting a classic like vanilla, and the addition of fudge just proves that you have an adventurous soul masked in the security of the pure and classic taste of a creamy Vanilla ‘n Fudge combination that is smooth, and irresistible. No shame in your game.