Why Tilly’s?
Why not? For starters, we’re low calorie which makes us completely guilt free ;). We’re also Australian made and owned, and we don’t use any artificial sweeteners. We’re smooth, jolly, and all your dreams come true in a tub.

Where can I find Tilly’s?
Tilly's is available exclusively in Woolworths supermarkets.

Is Tilly’s made in Australia?
Heck yes! Tilly’s is proudly Australian made and owned.

Can I have Tilly’s at my event?
A great idea! Get in touch with us via our website tillysguiltfree.com.au and fill out the contact form.

How does Tilly’s compare to regular desserts?
Our unique recipe includes soluble prebiotic dietary fibre which helps to maintain our characteristic smooth, creamy texture without the added calories that would usually come from fat. This will also provide a bonus source of prebiotic fibre to your diet! And sugar, you ask? To keep Tilly’s tasting like the treat you deserve, natural stevia and erythritol are used.

Is Tilly’s allergen-free?
Any allergen present in our formulations will be declared on the product label. However, Tilly’s is manufactured in a factory which does handle allergens. Even though our production lines are checked and tested we can’t guarantee that our frozen desserts are trace allergen-free.

How long can Tilly’s be kept in the freezer for?
On the bottom of each tub, you will find a best before date. When stored frozen as directed, Tilly’s has an 18-month shelf life from date of manufacture.

How to best enjoy Tilly’s?
Tilly’s unique formulation means that it might stay frozen for longer than regular ice cream when taken out of the freezer. Tilly’s is best enjoyed after waiting a few minutes at room temperature for the dessert to slightly soften and then it can be easily scooped out of the tub. If patience isn’t your thing, it should be perfect by the time you are halfway through the tub ;)

Will you be making any more flavours for Tilly’s?
We are working on some top secret stuff so stay tuned to the Tilly’s Guilt Free Instagram @tillysguiltfree for all the latest updates. Or if you have a fantastic idea for a new flavour, we’d love to hear about it.